Top recruits want to play on winning teams in big games
by Kayo (2017-07-07 13:43:57)
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They also want to be prepared for a professional career if they have the talent to justify it. Therefore the quality of coaching they will receive matters a lot. Therefore the facilities matter a lot.

A stand-alone practice facility that includes state of the art strength and conditioning tools and space are part of the preparation for a professional career, not just having space and equipment the team can use but space and equipment that the team doesn't have to compete to use or only can use when other teams don't have dibs. The team having its own strength and conditioning space also means more access to the basketball program's S&C coach because his office will be right next to the workout space.

The practice facility will also mean 100% access for the players so they can work on individual skills as their schedules allow. Want to work on the new post moves Coach Humphrey taught me? Sorry. Can't do it today. The volleyball team has the arena floor for today's game, and the women's basketball team has The Pit reserved for practice. That common access issue will disappear.

There are other access issues - meeting rooms, video rooms, and video equipment. That's all shared now, and sharing limits preparation time.

But there's more. Notre Dame asks more academically from its players than most other schools. Having study space and computers available so a guy can do some homework between noon walk-through and 7:00 tip-off without having to leave the building is a little bit of academic support that matters a lot.

Finally, there is the nutrition center. It's stocked with fruit and other healthy snacks that players want after practice. It's also stocked with juice and power drinks that players drink between the last class and stepping onto the court for practice.

I took a tour of the hockey arena about a year ago. They have all of this on the lower level of Compton, and they say it's important.

So, to put it kindly, I don't think you have considered the entire scope of a practice facility's impact.


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