Different cases
by Kayo (2017-07-07 10:24:43)
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  In reply to: Colson vs Harangody  posted by jmabc

The first thing that's different is that Harangody submitted his name for the draft, did the NBA tour, and came back to school. Colson didn't do the NBA stuff.

Depending on the player, the tour can be counterproductive. In Harangody's case, he was told that a 6'5" guy had to be a better shooter; so he took his offense outside to the detriment of what made him an outstanding college player. That would have been fine if he had been a good shooter, but his shooting percentages (both overall and three point) fell the more he shot from outside. He more than doubled his three point attempts and increased the number of midrange jumpers.

Colson is a similar player in many ways, but he already is a better shooter than Harangody ever was (43% three point shooting last season, 50% in conference games); and while Harangody was a really good post scorer, Colson is better at actually posting up a player, backing him to the basket, and scoring. Both of those skills can translate Bonzie the NBA as a big guard or a small forward. I don't envision him being a high pick because of his tweener size, but I think he can make a team right away and have an NBA career. I also think he knows exactly where he stands with the NBA, and he knows he can't do much to change the perception at this point in his career. Remember, Colson's dad is a coach who was a four year starter at Rhode Island and an excellent player in his day. The Colsons have access to information and realistic expectations.

Just to offer a different example of the NBA tout, Beachem got the perfect feedback to be a better player as a senior after taking the tour. Improve as a defender, hit the boards harder, and take the ball to the basket more. When VJ did those things, he was really good; but he didn't do them often enough. They never got fully integrated into his game.


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