A few more notes
by Kayo (2017-07-06 21:08:30)
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  In reply to: Practice about to start  posted by Kayo

New guys

Harvey looks like a freshman who has practiced only a few times. The young man is very talented, obviously; but he's easily screened and gets lost in the offense.

Durham also needs to learn ND's ways, but hishyear of college basketball experience shows. He can cut to the basket like Auguste, but he also showed some good post moves.

Big men

Durham and Geben are the best two at this point, Durham because of his talent and Geben because he knows what he's doing and he wants to have a great senior year. Geben looked decisive and quick on both ends.

That isn't a slight to Burns or Mooney. In fact, the 5 on 5 scrimmages were highly entertaining because the four big men, two on each side, were very physical playing against each other. This is a tough group.

Mooney's shot has a strange hitch. It can't possibly be good for shooting consistency.

Speaking of shooting

Farrell is the best shooter on the team. Colson is the next best shooter, at least for now. Others have potential to be good shooters; but with the top two gone after this season, Goodwin shouldn't have any trouble having a role as a freshman.


This team is really fast. The slowest on the team is average. Pfleuger, Farrell, Gibbs, Djogo, Torres, Harvey, and Burns can fly.

I haven't transcribed the interview yet, but I had a great conversation with Colson. In general, Bonzie has been pretty reserved with me over the years. Today he was much more animated. We talked about being a leader. I believe he is ready to be a great one. He's comfortable in the role like Connaughton was, even excited about it. It isn't a burden to him, and I can't say that about the team leader every year.

Brey said this group doesn't have the guy who is a calming influence. It's an emotional and driven group, a bunch of Hansbroughs but not off the deep end like Hansbrough sometimes was (Hansbrough comment is mine). Brey said he'll have to be the steadying influence this season.


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