I've seen him 35-40 times
by The Magic Rat (2017-07-06 13:48:47)
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  In reply to: I've never actually seen him play, but in his tape he  posted by 84david

I mentioned it on here a few weeks ago, but aside from his shooting, which is better than any H.S. player I've ever seen (2nd place: Fred Hoiberg, who played in my H.S. conference), Goodwin's 2nd best attribute is his body control/ athleticism. He jumps really well (he's a very quick jumper) and just has excellent body control in the air. He also seems to have pretty good strength for a kid who hasn't lifted all that much (he's a gym rat, not a body builder), and he should obviously get stronger once he gets here and gets in our program.

He reminds me a little bit of Kyle McAlarney in that his range is basically anywhere 30 feet and in. He also plays with a toughness/ meanness that reminds me of guys like Ben Hansborough/ Demetrius/ Matt Farrell. He has had a target on his back since his freshman year, since he verballed OSU before his freshman season even started. Opposing student sections have been getting on him from day 1, and he gradually went from getting a bit flustered at times as a freshman to getting pissed off as a sophomore to just burying 28 footers and smiling while going back on defense as a junior. Assuming he doesn't forget how to shoot and learns to work a little bit harder on defense (I don't want to say that he rests on defense, but he also doesn't usually guard the other team's best player either), I see him playing and contributing from the get-go.

One other note: standing next to his dad, his dad looks like he has a couple inches on him, so he could very well still get an inch or two taller.


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