Maybe I haven't been paying attention...
by Naughman (2017-06-30 10:02:49)
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  In reply to: 2017-2018 non-conference schedule officially released. (link)  posted by G.K.Chesterton

...but is the season getting longer? November 11th sounds obscenely early for a first regular-season game. Maybe it's just me.

Great to see DePaul back on the schedule. I'd like to see Marquette and Dayton brought back on at some point, too. And given that the program appears to be ascending to a higher level, I hope that we'll start to toughen up the OOC to match our loftier expectations. It doesn't have to be MSU-tough, but I don't think it will hurt us in the long run to play more quality teams early as more of a reloader than a rebuilder.

Here are last year's RPIs for all OOC opponents. I still don't understand why we don't strip out anyone on the wrong side of 300 as a basic prerequisite. I mean, only three teams in the entire universe of 351 had a worse RPI than St Francis last season. There have to be plenty of opportunities to schedule teams in the 150-250 range who we could pencil in as a W but would be less likely to throttle our SOS.

DePaul - 237
Mount St. Mary's - 138
Chicago State - 318
Maui - Cal (64), LSU (195), Marquette (67), Michigan (23), VCU (26), Wichita (29)
MSU - 47
St. Francis Brooklyn - 348
Ball State - 175
Delaware - 238
IU - 82
Dartmouth - 304
Southeastern Louisiana - 252


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