I wouldn't say the eligibility was wasted
by pmoose (2017-06-29 11:54:52)
Edited on 2017-06-29 11:55:22
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  In reply to: Anyone have any info on development of Mooney and Burns?  posted by UpperEastSideIrish

I have always been of the opinion you play guys when you think it's of value, and part of sitting a year is up to the player. If I recall corectly, AJ Burgett declined to sit a year, though my memory may be incorrect on the player.

Furthermore, we are now in a position where redshirting guys could be the exception instead of the rule. Obviously, you'd do it if there was an injury to a talented player that needs to recover, but if recruiting continues like it has, we won't need to take guys outside the top-100 and redshirt them as a strategy to stay old and experienced. I think Brey will still stay older, but we the talent we are getting in, it's going to look like the team being played are babies compared to previous teams.


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