I think much of this is a function of schedule timing
by crazymary (2017-06-28 13:56:49)
Edited on 2017-06-28 14:12:14
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  In reply to: I think it's a pride thing  posted by SB Jimbo

I'm sure Coach K and other coaches are plenty used to having to juggle the schedule around to make everything fit. I'm not really sure how this is going to work as the Big Ten conference season supposedly starts the same week as the ACC Challenge this year.

It was expected that all Big Ten teams were going to play conference games on either Thursday the 30th and Saturday the 2nd or Friday 1st and Sunday the 3rd depending on when your game was earlier in the week. I guess, it's possible MSU has to play it's initial conference game earlier in the week due to venue scheduling, possibly they have a bye on that initial weekend due to venue issues or some other random reason. I know Izzo was one of the biggest detractors about changing the timing of the Big Ten schedule so I wonder if he's being difficult.

I do find it rather odd that you supposedly have more important actual conference games going on the same night ND/MSU play. (At least more important from the standpoint of the season-long conference race)

"Big Ten teams will play two games, either on Thursday-Saturday or Friday-Sunday, the first weekend in December. All teams reportedly will play one of those games on the road and one at home. Those early conference games will be played the same week as the annual ACC/Big Ten Challenge".

Saturday December 2nd has a large amount of OOC games scheduled across college basketball so I don't know how many coaches would be too excited about playing Thursday night and then potentially early Saturday afternoon. That seems like something that would really piss off a Knight/Coach K etc.


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