Just my opinion
by Kayo (2017-06-24 16:33:10)
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  In reply to: Paging Taxman, Kabong or Kayo or combination thereof. *  posted by cbo86

This class needs another big man, one who will be in the program for more than a year. Hauser seems to be the primary target; and if ND can land him, I'd stop at four in the class unless Shittu wants to be part of the program for a year or two. Shittu is a special case.

If Hauser goes elsewhere, I still would prefer a big man even if it's a three star guy. With Burns, Mooney, and Durham in the program, ND won't need a guy who can play a lot in 2018-19; but there must be a pipeline at all times. If ND doesn't land another big man, there will be pressure to land at least two in next year's class. I'd hate to see another quantity over quality class (Cooley, Knight, Broghammer) just to have numbers.

I'll be happy if Muhammad is in the class; but considering the number of wings who already will be in the program for the 2018-19 season, he isn't a necessity. Having Pfleuger, Djogo, Harvey, and Carmody with Gibbs and Hubb as combo guards covers the position well; and ND seems able to get good wings every year.


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