Some thoughts
by Section12 (2017-06-23 09:15:29)
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  In reply to: Expectations  posted by Taxman

I agree with all you posted and I'd like to offer a couple of my own thoughts in no particular order.

1) Practice facilities matter. I suspect with a gentle prod from Mike both recruits mentioned them in their comments.
2) Both Ryan's look to be kick ass recruiters. One is smooth and polished with a long family pedigree while the other has an infectious attitude. It's hard not to feel good about the trajectory of recruiting.
3) I'm hopeful we are at the point where it will take a large upset for us not to make the sweet 16 and that would be huge. We may be entering a second golden age along the lines of Diggers prime years.
4) Depth. Not only extending the bench but probably more importantly practice. Both in terms of competition for playing time and to support the old adage "you are who you practice against" For years it's been impossible for the CS to simulate other teams due to the thin bench.
5)Mike Brey is really the perfect coach to install a collegiate Golden State offense. The era where back to the basket post play dominates has gone the way of the dodo bird and that suits Mike very well. All they have to do is perfect their defensive rotations for weak side help.
6) Mike may abandon his propensity for passivity on defense because of his fear of foul trouble. Provided they maintain their offensive spacing I can imagine going 9-10 deep.


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