Good coaching and winning will do that for you.
by Tim Kelley (2017-06-23 09:01:24)
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  In reply to: We're becoming a true top program - this is exciting *  posted by UpperEastSideIrish

These young HS recruits often seem to look at the last 3 or so years of history (13 to 17 years old) when judging a program or its coaches. Obviously, some of the big names have a long history that everyone knows..Duke, UNC, etc. I'm guessing that Brey, who most of us have been following for his entire career at ND and believe is a very good coach, may not have been recognized as such by these very young kids until ND started getting into the Elite Eight at the Tourney.

It's probably futile to try to determine, yet generalize, what's in the minds of teenagers, but the above struck me as a probable determining factor.


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