by Taxman (2017-06-23 07:41:33)
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I don't want this to come off as a slam on Robbie Carmody, so let start there. I'm not a fan of the nut punches, but I trust Mike Brey to keep that in check.

With that out of the way, just think how far the program has come in the last few years. We just got a commitment from a top 100 player, and my immediate reaction is "Well, he will be a nice rotation player. He can add some depth and provide some shooting off the bench." Ten years ago we would have been dancing in the streets over a recruit like this. He would have been projected as a savior.

Now, he is just another guy. He is the fourth top 100 recruit in a row and the one with the lowest composite rating. And Brey doesn't appear to be done.

Now, high recruiting rankings do not guarantee success. See, Francis, Torin and Zeller, Luke. But when all you ever bring in are four star top 50 and top 100 guys, not all of them need to pan out for you to be successful.

I think we are entering a new era. For the rest of Mike Brey's tenure, there should be no more conversations at the start of the season about whether we will make the tournament. The conversations now need to turn to how high will our seed be and will we get over the Final Four hump. That's not to say we might not flame out every once in a while, but that should be a surprising exception rather than the rule.

And it might take time. We aren't going to be so talented that we can overwhelm people. But we are going to be talented enough to contend for Final Four spots when the right circumstances present themselves. With enough at bats we will eventually get a hit.

Fun times.


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