It wasn't that good in the first place
by Kayo (2017-04-20 10:26:08)

In reply to: The Bulls, in trying to quicken Grant's shooting stroke  posted by miamioh_irishfan

We all remember Grant's occasional shooting streaks, but he was far from a great shooter. He knew that as well as anyone, so he intentionally limited his three point attempts if early heat checks made that decision prudent. He only averaged 3.7 attempts per conference game his final season.

Jerian's three point shooting percentages (overall/conference) were:

2014-15 - 31.6%/29.9%
2013-14 - 40.8%/NA
2012-13 - 34.4%/34.1%
2011-12 - 35.4%/33.0%

I always thought his problem was inconsistent shooting form - often not balanced, varying release points. Grant is capable of being a decent shooter. If the Bulls coaches can get his fundamentals right shot after shot, he'll have a nice career in Chicago. Otherwise he will be a journeyman point guard.