Thanks for correcting (seriously)
by Irisheye71 (2017-04-19 12:39:27)

In reply to: NCAA rules do not stipulate  posted by tmr779

The point I was trying to make is that the same rules should apply. At least MLB respects the idea of kids who are somewhat serious about getting an education. The NBA simply uses the college game as a free minor league system. I wonder how many of the "one-and-dones" even bother to finish their second semester. Enrolling at an institution of higher learning for a year and majoring in "Eligibility" is what makes a mockery of the game being termed "college basketball." Cal was on a local (Pittsburgh) radio talk show a few years back (the year UK won the NCAA title under him) and he was bragging about how well all of his players performed in the classroom. The talk-show host never asked the question: "Oh really? Well, what courses did they take?" My guess is he wouldn't have known or would have been too embarrassed to say. I get it -- he's playing by the standards/rules that are established. The rules need to be changed.