Apologies for the delayed response
by Old Fogey (2017-04-18 12:32:58)
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  In reply to: Where's the relevance?  posted by civil_engr05

The relevance to me in regards to the coaching salary is that many of top the coaches who earn large salaries do so not so much earn that due to their coaching acumen but rather due to their, and their institution's, willingness to bend the rules. And, as many of these coaches are often times the highest paid public employees of their states, public dollars are being spent, more or less, to reward unethical behavior than to reward good coaching.

Regarding the one and done's (which I think I ultimately referred to as unpaid apprentices) I think a sliding scale based upon graduation rates should be applied. High level dole out scholarships based upon how many students graduate. The more that graduate the more scholarships teams can offer. Those that graduate less, less scholarships until programs can demonstrate that they can graduate the students they offer scholarships for.


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