Where's the relevance?
by civil_engr05 (2017-04-17 15:42:31)

In reply to: So, if I say that "Yes I wanted Thon Maker", does  posted by Old Fogey

What's the relevance with coaches salaries to the one-and-done discussion? Yes, coaches salaries are ridiculous. The highest paid employee in 40 states is either the football coach or basketball coach. I just don't see how that has any influence on the one-and-done rule and whether schools should take this kids. Do you think the salary of Brian Kelly an Mike Brey are justified because they don't get one and done players?

I asked about Thon Maker because if you are OK with ND taking a one-and-done player, where's the cutoff? He was never going to last more than one year, so he would have been a "paid mercenary" as you said. Is 1 one-and-done player over 4 years OK? One per year?