No, with a few exceptions you go to college to learn to thin
by fontoknow (2017-04-17 10:45:36)

In reply to: You can do that with a library card.  posted by Duke Camaro

Engineering is one of those exceptions, though, honestly, a good argument can be made that the primary benefit of an engineering degree is that you have been trained to think like an engineer.

Accounting is another one of those exceptions.

At ND, I would suggest that is it. All of the other majors/tracks are designed to train people how to think. You aren't credentialed to be a marketer coming out of Mendoza's undergraduate marketing program. You aren't credentialed to be a historian coming out of A&L's history program. But what you do have is a very broad training in the liberal arts that is designed to stimulate the students love of knowledge acquisition, learning, and thinking.