"they expect him to win..."
by D8NDomer (2017-04-15 21:29:19)
Edited on 2017-04-15 21:33:36
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  In reply to: "Neither is primarily concerned with winning a championship"  posted by IrishGeek

Sure "they" do, but Cal does not primarily. His first priority is to get them to the league. As a competitor he also would like to win a championship, but that is secondary. And quite a few Kentucky fans find this displeasing in him. Just as quite a few Notre Dame fans are displeased our admin wants the athletes to graduate rather than win championships.

There is a fine distinction here. Of course he wants to win, so does ND. But I'm merely saying the primary, primary, motive is the success of the athlete or student in the two cases. Winning is a benefit. And I agree other coaches may be more admirable. But if they could get the athletes, they would. Prima face Coach K. He has sacrificed honor for winning; whatever honor he may have ever had. I'm not defending Cal's honor, just his effectiveness in taking advantage of a system he did not invent nor even likes. He often states he would prefer players stay more than one year. But that is not the real politic.

As for your question. Likely the best college coaches are unknown to us and work at the many fine colleges that do not give athletic scholarships.


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