"Neither is primarily concerned with winning a championship"
by IrishGeek (2017-04-15 19:20:17)

In reply to: After 10 years in Kentucky  posted by D8NDomer

You said this 2 posts above. I agree re: ND. I disagree re: Calipari. They expect him to win at Kentucky. And that's fine. I'm not saying he hasn't won or that taking 1 and dones is necessarily bad. But he's doing it to win. He's developed relationships along the way, but if he doesn't win at Kentucky he won't be molding men much longer.

As an aside, purely from an on the field, on the court perspective, I have far more respect for the coaching ability of guys like Mike Brey, Bo Ryan, Jim Harbaugh who can actually beat teams with superior talent, than I do for guys like Calipari and Saban who need superior talent to win. Is Calipari really a top 10 college basketball coach (not recruiter) right now?