With the talent he had had, he arguably should have
by chicos bail bonds (2017-04-15 18:57:07)

In reply to: In 8 years at UK, he has four final 4s, and one NC.  posted by Tex Francisco

more than one national championship. I believe North Carolina now has 2 within the past 9 years and they are not nearly going with the one and done model. Of course, many of them have not attended class but that is another story.

I think if you asked the average UK fan they would expect the same. I just don't think a bunch of freshmen are the ideal way to try and win a championship and I'm not so sure that is his goal necessarily. I'm not suggesting they are doing anything wrong - just an interesting dynamic between his approach versus the history of the program and the fans' expectations. Many people remember the infamous line of draft night being the best night in the history of UK basketball.