That rule would reduce the universe of scholarships
by IrishGeek (2017-04-15 15:07:19)
Edited on 2017-04-15 15:09:14
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available to high school athletes looking to attend college. So because a football player makes a family decision to leave a year early and set up his family for life we should punish some well intentioned high school kid who would have taken that 85th scholarship?

It's a completely different point, but I think scholarship limits in general are BS. Notre Dame should be allowed to let as many people attend for free as they want. Wouldn't more total high school athletes get a free education with unlimited scholarships than with limits as we have now? Wouldn't we do away with this roster management crap where schools force out players to free upctheir spot?

It would reach an equilibrium where it wouldn't ever get up to like a 200 man roster because no player wants to go into that logjam. But if it's "unfair" to the Purdues and and Central Floridas of the world that a Notre Dame can accumulate players just to keep them away from lesser programs, maybe they should work on making their school and program more attractive to recruits.


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