"His process..."
by D8NDomer (2017-04-15 11:17:18)

In reply to: His recruiting philosophy and the way he runs the program  posted by chicos bail bonds

I'm not a fan of Cal, but I have to give him credit. He succeeds at what he has tried to do. Look at the average salaries of guys he has recruited. What coach could claim better results.

It is the mission of a university to prepare people to succeed in their chosen interests. No one is perfect but I doubt any coach has had a better economic impact on his recruits than Cal.

In many ways his mission and ND's mission is are the same. But each does it is different ways. Cal takes gifted athletes and prepares them for the NBA and other professional leagues. ND takes gifted students and prepares them for academic and professional careers. Neither is primarily concerned with winning a championship, to the chagrin of their fans. If a championship should come along, so much the better. But both succeed in their own ways.