I don't agree
by Tjsirish (2017-04-15 08:57:29)

In reply to: His recruiting philosophy and the way he runs the program  posted by chicos bail bonds

He's been at UK for 8 years. In that time they've been to 6 elite eights, 3 final fours, 2 championship games, and they've won a national championship. This year they lost to the eventual champion on a buzzer beater.

I suppose you could look at those numbers and say "meh, he's only 1/8," but I think that would be underselling the effectiveness of the approach.

I grew up a UK fan and still am. Although these days I enjoy following ND a little bit more. I think that's the result of the one and done program UK has become. I don't have a problem with the approach, but it does keep me from getting attached to most of the players. Of my favorite 20 UK players of all time, very few have played on the last 8 teams even though probably 80% of the 20 most talented players of my lifetime have been on those teams.

I think Cal's focus on the NBA is somewhat frustrating to many UK fans. I think the reaction of the fan base when he proclaimed that the day they had 5 guys taken in the first round was the greatest day in the history of the program demonstrates that. UK fans gauge success on the basis of performance on the court - everything else is extraneous. However it is undeniable that Cal's "use UK as a platform to get to the NBA" approach has produced significant on court success, so UK fans are happy to accept it.