His recruiting philosophy and the way he runs the program
by chicos bail bonds (2017-04-15 08:08:10)
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  In reply to: Coach Cal is overrrared. Not a good coach IMO  posted by DonMattingly

is not conducive towards winning NCAA championships. His process is geared towards recruiting future NBA players. The downside to that is the difficulty of roster management and lack of team chemistry. He will always find it very tough to win a championship with a bunch of first year guys and the occasional guy with a few years of experience sprinkled in who becomes a contributor.

What I have found most interesting is how the fan base evolved in their appreciation or lack thereof for such an approach. I honestly don't know how many of the UK fans are happy or not. There is only one goal with their fan base and it is to win a championship...or at least I think that is it. His recruiting approach makes it difficult to pull that off.

Personally, I can't stand it but that's okay because I don't have to like it or approve of it as I'm not a fan of UK. It would seem that if you are a fan of UK basketball, you would be somewhat similar to rooting for an NFL/NBA team in that the names and faces will constantly change and you are left with just rooting for the organization/institution. There is even more turnover obviously at UK than even professional teams.

There is incredibly high risk for players as well. If you can't thrive fairly quickly at UK, you run the risk of quickly being replaced and then languishing on the bench behind freshmen that come in after you. Your window of development then is closed for the most part. It's either boom or bust in my opinion for the most part. Exceptions occur every so often when they have a veteran contributor such as Willis this past year and a few others over the years but it's not the norm.

The reason I really don't like Calipari is when he often trots out the comments every year about how young his team is. Well no shit you idiot, what do you expect. And when you constantly recruit to a philosophy and embrace the one and done concept, you lose the ability to complain about youth in my opinion.


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