Whenever anyone asked Noie
by Ajax (2017-04-11 15:10:01)

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Why Ryan was not playing this season, he always replied back with Steve and VJ as the reason AND the minutes would be there next season. Not so fast.

Brey explained why sophomore wing Matt Ryan asked for a release from the university.

"We talked right after the season and I think for Matt it's a little crowded on the perimeter," Brey said. "There's no sure thing for like a Vasturia minutes or Beachem minutes. And I think for him, he felt like it was a little risky. I don't blame him. You can't guarantee anybody anything, and I think he felt he needed to explore.

"He'll find the right spot. We'll miss him, but we still have pretty good players. I think with Matt leaving it puts Djogo, Harvey and Mooney in a position to really be evaluated, and I'm excited about that