The ban on intraconference transfers is a very good thing...
by 73CAV (2017-04-10 16:55:16)
Edited on 2017-04-10 16:56:59

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First and foremost, it prevents kids, who were lightly regarded during the recruiting process, chose a lower echelon programs, and then blossomed into a really good players, from being enticed away by elite programs. Without the rule, it isn't hard to imagine that a player like Boston College's Ky Bowman might be lured (via back channels) to Duke, a school which could very well use him. Inter-conference tampering can be problematic, but it is a bit easier within the organization. And, when it happens, things get ugly. I don't think the ACC has aspirations to emulate the SEC. (Or, imagine Duke or UNC getting word to Bonzie that his chances would be better at playing in a national championship game if he were going to school in North Carolina.)