MJ played with 3 other future first rounders
by Ajax (2017-04-06 17:52:40)
Edited on 2017-04-07 15:02:11

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(Perkins, Daugherty, Smith) and was in the pre-shot clock and pre 3 point era, so a 20 ppg is nothing to sneeze about.

Dean Smith really did not hold him down, it was the era and the talent around him that kept his average around 20.

By point of comparison, Danny Manning averaged 25 ppg in his last season at Kansas AND PLAYED WITH ZERO NBA TALENT.

He averaged 14.5 shot attempts per game and versus IU he took 14 in 26 minutes and ended up with 13 points.

My gosh, Westbrook averaged 12.7 ppg as a soph at UCLA. He played on a team with 2 other first rounders and high second round pick. Nobody said later that Howland held him down.