What Izzo has done getting to that many Final Fours at MSU
by crazymary (2017-04-05 16:30:58)

In reply to: But Izzo isn't fighting a dynasty. *  posted by Giggity_Giggity

is simply amazing as they rarely have top 5ish talent. That job isn't even a top-three job in its own conference. They aren't in that good of a local territory for premium HS talent. Whatever talent there is year-in-and-year-out has to be battled for with another in-state, high-major in their own conference with serious resources.

Few coaches in their right mind would pick MSU as a basketball job before Indiana, Maryland, OSU and Michigan. That's just in their conference. Nationally you can add probably at least another roughly 13-15 programs.

Historically, MSU has won about 60% of their games and 56% in conference. Obviously, just two Final Fours pre-Izzo which includes the Magic '79 title.

Heathcote won about 60% of his MSU games and 53% of his Big Ten games.

Izzo has won 72% of his games and 69% of his Big Ten games.