With Farrell and Gibbs both projected starters next
by tf86 (2017-04-05 13:16:43)
Edited on 2017-04-05 14:24:13
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  In reply to: I'm more worried about wings for next year  posted by PortND

Year, my guess is that we'll see a lot of sets with Gibbs at the point (his natural position), and Farrell playing a wing. As others have pointed out, it seems that other ACC teams began to figure out Farrell's game at the point as the season wore on. His best use next year might be primarily as an off-ball wing, moving without the ball to get an open look then getting the feed for a spot-up jumper.

I do agree that Ryan's transfer cuts heavily into our wing depth for next year, and that between Mooney, Burns, Geben and, in small doses, Torres (assuming he returns), I think we can get acceptable play from our bigs to protect Bonzie. Since Farrell essentially has a dual role next year -- I think he'll primarily be a wing but will also be the backup point -- we need Djogo, Harvey or both to develop in order to fill the hole that likely will exist at the wing.


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