UNC and Gonzaga are old school teams
by Ajax (2017-04-04 17:05:03)
Edited on 2017-04-04 22:21:58

In reply to: Different games. Here's a breakdown of the last seven  posted by Carlos Huerta

With the 3 around 2 with an emphasis on going inside.

I heard today something like 1/3 of the NCAA tournament games with the most fouls involved these 2 teams.

You noted elite 8 games, well these two teams played in five of the seven.

That's why you teach foul discipline, that's why you develop a bench, that's why you consider playing zone.

You noted two of the teams in college most geared towards post offense, if not the two most. To change the foul total rules mainly because of these 2 teams is an over reaction.