NBA allows 6 fouls in 48 minutes
by Ajax (2017-04-04 11:21:34)
Edited on 2017-04-04 11:27:42

In reply to: Yes the players cannot be absolved of blame. Collins  posted by Carlos Huerta

I see nothing wrong with college staying at 5 in 40. I would like to go to quarter system and see fouls reset. I'd also like to see fouls reset in overtimes. If the first two fouls are non shooting, than side out. After that, two shots on all fouls.

As noted player discipline on fouls has to be part of the equation, as well as having bench options. Let's be honest the refs could possibly call twice the fouls they do. I do recall at least one of the fouls called on Collins was extremely ticky tack. It was away from the play and gave him no advantage. It seemed he stuck his arm out briefly and the UNC guy ran into it.