Yes the players cannot be absolved of blame. Collins
by Carlos Huerta (2017-04-04 10:02:58)

In reply to: I agree BUT  posted by maverick

in particular seemed to pay no attention to the foul trouble he was playing in. He easily could have been called for and ones when he bumped Meeks from the side as he scored that bobbled basket and when he hit Hicks' wrist on his follow through. Instead of stubbornly insisting that the players need to learn to play with more discipline I think they should just move it up to 6 fouls so the best players are on the court more. It would also lessen the impact the shitty officiating can have on a game. If they feel as part of that change they need to go to a quarter format or the resetting of team fouls halfway through the second half as a check on the amount of free throws I'd be fine with that.