Allow me to gloat
by Taxman (2017-03-20 12:30:17)
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Since I am mostly full of shit, I do want to take a victory lap on the rare occasion I get one right. I posted the following last Tuesday:

Every time I watch one of those NFL Films shows about each Super Bowl champion, I am always struck by how the old-timers describing a particular game will talk about how they kicked so-and-so's ass in that game. Beat 'em to a pulp. Crushed their will. Had 'em all the way. Then they show the final score of the game involved and invariably it is something like 21-17. And my reaction is "what the fu...?!"

The point is winners get to set the narrative. Duke won the ACCT, so they get to set the narrative. Gutsy come-from-behind performances reflecting an indomitable will to win. Freshman stars coming of age. The grit and fortitude to grind out four game in four days. Everyone's preseason number 1 finally fulfilling expectations.

Those paying close attention saw something different. They saw a lot of dumbass luck. Beating UL down 12 pretty late. Overtaking Carolina due mostly to Joel Berry getting his fourth foul AT THE 15 MINUTE MARK. And Roy keeping him on the bench for 10 minutes (seriously, this guy's in the Hall of Fame?). Carolina essentially handed Duke the win. Almost like they preferred being able to rest Saturday. And then ND going up 8, having probably a half dozen wide open looks from three and missing every damned one of them.

Duke might make a deep run, but I'm not buying the hype. It would have been no shame for them to have lost any of the last three games, but to suggest that winning all three signifies some magical transformation to NCAA championship favorite is...shall we say... a stretch. They just had a three game run of unimaginable luck. Let's see if that continues.


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