I am not sure about that.
by WilfordBrimley (2017-03-19 22:50:55)
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He is, at best, a mediocre in-game tactician and a middling coach of offensive basketball, but he is among the very best in the history of college basketball when it comes to overall player development.

In some ways, he is Brey's mirror: he places such a premium on defensive ability that the other side of the ball suffers long droughts of high-level productivity with a fair bit of consistency. He sat a (tremendously athletic - much moreso than the guys ahead of him) 5-star McDonald's All-American freshman pretty much all year because the kid couldn't pick up the zone defense - Louisville's only McDonald's All-American currently on the roster.

Louisville recruits well, but they're not a recruiting powerhouse pulling in McDonald's All-Americans year after year after year like Duke/Kentucky/Kansas/UNC/UCLA/Arizona, and they don't pull in a boat of NBA-level talent. He only has three players on active NBA rosters right now, and none of those guys are high-level pro players.


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