I think too much is made of tournament success as
by chicos bail bonds (2017-03-19 18:28:52)
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  In reply to: ACC is overrated  posted by goldomer

an indicator of conference strength. In a one game setting, as Taxman said a team can play out of its mind. Or a team can have a very favorable matchup. That being said, as painful as it is to admit I underestimated the Big Ten. As a whole, obviously s good percentage of their teams are advancing at this point. One or two advancing doesn't catch my attention but when you have 4 who have already won two games, it does start to become a bit of a trend. I'm not ready at all to pronounce the Big Ten as even close to being at the level of the ACC but they have shown well.

I also don't get into this conference rooting interest. I could care less how the ACC does. Maybe that's just the traditionalist in me of being an Independent. I've never understood why so many fans seem to take such great interest in rooting for their conference. At some point, don't you dislike some of those teams you regularly play against?


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