Geben is much better than you think.
by bleedsgreen04 (2017-03-19 16:11:30)
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  In reply to: Random Thoughts-- End of the Season Edition  posted by Taxman

I'd wager a lot of money we will either see him or Ryan as a starter. And that will be good for a lot of reasons. Putting Colson out there on the jump ball basically just gives the other team a free possession.

Not that Geben should be put in there solely for the jump ball, he brings a lot to the table and people didn't notice his minutes this year simply because he doesn't have the offensive output we are used to seeing. Geben is the player you put in there when you're players are cold and you aren't getting the calls. The problem is we need about 2 Gebens because his style of game leads to a lot of fouls. But he is the best interior defender (specifically against other teams' centers) and offensive rebounder Brey has had in quite some time.

And again, I disagree that Ryan will be competing with the bigs for playing time; he'll be able to defend a position similar to Beachem, he might not have the flash to get awesome blocks, but he's athletic enough to cover a lot of ground and has a better frame for it, not to mention the height. But offensively he can handle the ball well enough and shoot the 3 well enough to be a wing/guard combo in the vein that we've used Connaughton/Beachem and even Colson at times.

Colson's game will be that much more effective on a court that has that kind of size on it... Farrell is too much of a defensive liability and Gibbs doesn't have enough offense yet, I just don't see them out on the court together too much when Colson is in there, except in very specific packages against small teams.

Pflueger's offense will really come around, in my opinion, he just passed up a lot of good open looks in these last 2 games, often for a much worse shot or even a turnover. I suspect that watching film from those and gaining a little more confidence in his long shot will work wonders for his game.

I do agree that we need Mooney or Burns to step up, preferably both. Even if Geben is a starter that cleans up his fouls without sacrificing too much on defense I don't see him playing more than 20 minutes a game. I have confidence in Brey. Next year's team will be every bit as good as the team that took Kentucky down to the wire a couple years ago. Maybe not in terms of complete quality across the board, but it'll be much deeper, which good be good news for a team that needs to improve a lot on defense.


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