True, and Chris Collins reaction was well warrented
by spade (2017-03-19 14:22:53)
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  In reply to: Gonzaga no-call on goaltend was the worst *  posted by GU82ND4ever

He did cost his team 2 free throws that they couldn't give away, but his response to defend his team and players would make me want to play for him.

He may have lost 1 NCAA game, (debatable, NU could have lost it anyway) but he just garnered a lot of players that will want to play for him now, if I was a player, I would want my coach to have my team's back just like that. I thought his response was good. Would just calmly accepting what might be the worst blown call in this entire tournament have inspired his team? no, it would have demoralized his players.

Watch that moment and Collins' reaction be what inspires this Northwestern team to return to the NCAA next year.


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