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by beattherush (2017-03-19 13:53:55)
Edited on 2017-03-19 14:22:36
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There's a difference between "we need McDonald's AA's like Duke Brey sucks !!!1!" and "recruiting is not where it needs to be"

Recruiting is not where it needs to be.

I completely agree that recruiting 5 stars is not a good idea, both out of ability to recruit them and out of system fit. Chris Thomas is a fine data point for that.

Sure, we can develop 3-stars into great players. But it's hit or miss. We need a half-notch better recruiting -- more 4's than 3's is not a trivial point, it's a necessary component of system success. It's not an accident that Brey's had players the last three years who are pro-caliber (NBA or Europe) as seniors and that we've done well overall in those years. You've said yourself that Brey has needed athletes who can generate plays for a long time and now finally has them. Well, those guys are disproportionately four star kinds of guys. And there's enough of them that are academically interested that we should be able to recruit them.

That's a program issue, not necessarily a Brey issue. We need better facilities, we need better academic support, we need the University to give a damn about the program. And we need program consistency and public regard. We may play like a mid-major, but we can't be thought of as one. We can get to Virginia or Louisville's level of regard. Brey's on the right track. But it's not a knock on Brey, or on your excellent eye for the program, to think that recruiting needs to improve.

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