After 4 years in the ACC, what are your thoughts about
by MPG (2017-05-31 15:43:32)
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the status of ND's Olympic sports? Here are mine regarding the sports covered on this board:

Men's Cross Country and Track has missed sending distance runners to the NCAA championships in the fall, winter, and spring. ND is sending a vaulter and a high jumper to Eugene next week. Middle distance running is no longer a strength.

Women's cross country and track has progressed due to the strong distance running with Molly Seidel and Anna Rohrer. There is some strength in the middle distance and better depth overall than in the men's program.

Fencing is always a contender for the NCAA crown and the recently invented ACC meet is only a tune-up for the post-season.

Men's golf has struggled and will have a new coach. Women's golf continues to make it to the regional, but isn't a real contender to make it past the regional.

Rowing is another steady state program which will qualify for the NCAAs, but is not a threat to win it.

Men's and Women's swimming are middle of the pack programs in ACC. The new coach for both programs may help them to advance.

Men's tennis has been slipping and did not make the NCAA tournament again this year. They frequently won the Big East and made it to the NCAAs in the past. The women's program isn't an ACC contender, but is good enough to make the NCAAs and win a round.

Volleyball hit rock bottom in the ACC, but Jim McLaughlin has the program headed in the right direction. They would have been an NCAA team last year, if they had not lost their setter for the final weeks of the season. Of all the sports on this board that made the transition from the Big East, this is the one that fell the farthest in ACC play, but is making the fastest rise in the new conference.


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