ND did not make the VB NCAA Tourney yet
by JerseyShoreIrish (2016-11-28 08:53:22)
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the ACC did not get much love. Only three teams made it. NC, FSU, & Pitt were inked to the brackets. The most surprising was Pitt (who ND swept 3-0 earlier this season). The committee left Duke (had a better conference record than Pitt) and GT (tied with Pitt in the ACC) out. ND's midseason swoon, due largely to injuries, hurt this team. But there are a lot of positives for the years ahead. Charley Niego, Class of 18, has been discussed as a Player of the Year in at least one Volleyball publication. Congrats to the team and the coaches for a surprising season.

Round of 16, ACC doing better than expected.
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12 of the 16 Seeds advanced including the only ACC Seeded team North Carolina, all 3 Seeded PAC12 teams, 5 of the 6 Seeded Big 10 teams, the only Seeded WCC team, just 1 of the 2 seeded SEC schools, and just 1 of 3 Seeded Big12 schools. The non seeded teams who knocked off seeds on their home court included ACC FSU who beat 11th seeded Florida, PAC12 Arizona who beat 9th Seeded Michigan State, Big East Creighton who beat 5th Seeded Kansas, and Ohio State who beat 14th Seeded Kansas State. All the unseeded teams beat the seeded teams in 5 sets.

Pittsburgh the other ACC team won their 1st round but lost to seeded Penn State. Hopefully the ACC continues to show well so more ACC teams qualify next year. Hopefully ND can make the NCAAs next year.

Down to 8, ACC out as 7th Seed NC loses to 10 seed UCLA
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and unseeded FSU loses to 6th seeded Stanford who will take on #3 Wisconsin. UCLA also has the Big 10 against #2 Seeded Minnesota. The third Big 10/PAC12 match will be #8 seeded Washington vs #1 Seed Nebraska. The final 2 are 4th seeded Texas taking on unseeded Creighton, who beat their 2nd straight seeded team, this time Michigan....YEA!

I still hate that the Big10 had the top 3 seeds and therefore home court for the matches they just won and the upcoming matches today. Thus I am rooting for all the lower seeds to win today's matches if possible, but they have to do it on their opponents court. It would be great if Creighton can do it again, this time against Texas, and the PAC12 can rain on the Big10 parade.

Seeds 1, 2, & 4 win and only lower seed to win Stanford *
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The future is bright
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If Caroline Holt had not been injured, ND would have finished no worse that third in the ACC and made the tournament. Katie Higgins is the only regular who will not return and the incoming group looks promising! The ACC is not well-regarded at this time, so ND will need to assert itself next season and beat a ranked team or two.

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