And one substantial disadvantage
by Nigeltufnel (2016-10-03 17:10:29)
Edited on 2016-10-03 17:11:46
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  In reply to: So you are saying that coaching matters  posted by Dude87

Namely the $60k tuition. You think a soccer or lax or hockey player who gets a 30-40% scholarship offer doesn't have a serious financial decision ahead of him/her- especially when there is no possible or likely pro career at the end of the rainbow? In that case I don't care if Pep is coaching the boys on the pitch I would think long and hard about going to ND and living the rest of my life in debt. Remember unlike football and basketball (85 scholarships and only 11 play at a time) the Olympic sports are very under underfunded by NCAA regulation relative to the number of players on the side.


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