Reduction of women's gymnastics team to 4 in 2020 is
by G.K.Chesterton (2016-08-10 00:10:57)
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absolute horse dung. It was actually seven (7) in Atlanta and 24 years later, it's been chiseled down to four. What an crock in an attempt to further hamstring the US. All you need is three good people because the lowest score is thrown out out of the four. It's like telling the Cubs you can only have three starters pitch in September and October.

The Soviets won a bunch in a row and no change is made. Then we win a medal in every Olympics since 1992 and a gold or silver in the last four games and they decide to make a change. Perhaps they should just award every participant in all Olympic sports gold medals and save billions of dollars in building stadiums, accommodations, etc.


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