You could have only seen the last 10 of first half as well
by spade (2017-06-18 13:32:10)
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  In reply to: I just watched the last 10 minutes of the Portugal-Mexico  posted by otters92

20 total minutes of action and for the most part a subdued game otherwise, but still a good game though nonetheless. Portugal had a goal called back via video which was slightly odd, but apparently the correct call as 3 Portugal players were offsides on the original ball the side judge didn't raise his flag for any of the 3 players...? Not sure.

Game Recap: Each time Portugal worked up the ball and finally scored a goal, Mexico would come back and score their equalizer about 5 minutes later, not so much against the run of play, but surprisingly easily they got the ball into the small area.
Portugal needs to figure out how to keep the defense strong following gaining the lead or they won't end up with a win. Mexico needs to find a way to will a goal without only doing so after giving up the lead. Portugal had many more chances to win, so I think they will go further than Mexico in this tournament. Still, both teams looked very capable of making the next round with Russia and NZ being their competition...both teams will need to beat Russia to do so though, the first to stumble there gets eliminated.


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