Well, I don't think anyone can give you a solid ...
by Rocksteady74 (2017-06-14 14:42:30)
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... answer without knowing the age/gender and opponents. But as a general matter the teams tend to be quite good, although not as good as they were before the Developmental Academies hit the scene.

A weak bench obviously will hurt when you have to play three days in a row just to qualify for the quarters. When I coached in regionals we always rested some starters and gave bench players more time in the easiest game of the three to save legs for later games. The weather tends to be hot and that adds fatigue to the legs and makes recovery tougher. That is true for your opponents as well, but if you have no bench, you'll still be at a disadvantage.

What state are you from, and what states are your opponents from?

As for refereeing, it tends to be much better than your usual tournaments, but still can be variable. Each state in the region sends refs, and they tend to want to include young, developing refs for part of the contingent to give them experience.


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