Kenny Saief is a huge get for the USA.
by PaulM (2017-06-06 09:38:59)
Edited on 2017-06-06 10:00:04
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  In reply to: Any thoughts on the 40 man Gold Cup roster?  posted by KeoughCharles05

He's younger than Deandre Yedlin and fills in the LW spot quite nicely. He's also adept at playing through the center, and he and Pulisic could combine well. Other than that, nice to see some new blood in for the Gold Cup. Dwyer is the kind of player I could see feasting on CONCACAF opposition, but I wouldn't bring him to the World Cup.

Hopefully the Gold Cup 23 man roster is one that lets the USA take a decent look at what we have available. I don't think most fans put that high of a priority on winning it, so it would be nice to leave players like Bradley at home and see how the team does without them.

The draw against Venezuela was lackluster. I'm hoping the altitude has something to do with the sluggish play and underwhelming performance. Playing like that against T&T won't get us the vital 3 points from this set of games. I think Altidore is currently the best forward for the USA as Wood is struggling with injury, so I was disappointed that he didn't even feature.

Edit: Here's some Saief highlights. Obviously doesn't tell the whole story but he has quality:


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