It was so fast even the person
by KnightlyRevue (2017-05-15 15:30:04)
Edited on 2017-05-15 15:30:30
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  In reply to: A fascinating goal in La Liga last weekend  posted by wcnitz

shooting the game did not notice Nacho sneak in and launch a shot. The ref was pretty clear with the whistle and the ball mark but I believe even the Real players were confused. At this stage in the year, and given what is at stake for Real, I will take it.

BTW, Ronaldo's second goal was a work of art. Aleft footed rocket that fit into an area slightly bigger than the ball itself. The man is on a tear. Let's see how it all holds up in Cardiff. My money is on Juve. I think they are too balanced for Real to win the game but who knows. In 90 minutes, with no return leg, anyone can win a game.


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