Old dogs, new tricks, leopards changing spots...
by HTownND (2017-05-11 12:14:22)
Edited on 2017-05-11 12:18:34
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Arsene complaining about style of teams that kick his ass...

"Over the last two seasons, teams who have not big possession have won the league,” Wenger said. “And, as well, teams who were not involved in Europe, at all, won the league. Because the league is so physically difficult, maybe it is very difficult to cope with both. We will see how Chelsea respond next season.

“Are teams who are not making the game doing well? Yes. When we analyse it in Geneva [at coaching conferences], we always analyse the Champions League and I must say, in some seasons, the team who had low possession won the Champions League. Over a longer period, it is the teams who have the most possession who win it"

It's too bad that Chelsea lead the PL in goals scored, it's not enough "initiative" for Arsene who likes to keep the ball and not win silverware these days.

But yes, I have a complex (mostly because every time I read about Chelsea there is a Wegner article)


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