As a fellow Madridista, hat tip to the little genius yesterd
by Irish2003 (2017-04-24 14:34:57)
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  In reply to: On the last Messi goal  posted by KnightlyRevue

That was an incredible performance, and while I hate any loss, at least it's to the most talented (best is up for grabs IMO; Ronaldo is a far superior athlete & poacher, Messi has better on the ball) player of this generation and one of the best ever having a brilliant game. I agree across the board with your comments, and after re-watching it, I think the team had become so used to the remontadas & stealing wins right at the end that they assumed they could so again, while forgetting how lethal Barca is in their own right.

Ramos might be the most maddening player, as for every complete brainfart he has that causes a mess (hell, an own goal and red card in the 2 biggest games so far this year), he also has even bigger clutch performances (La Decima alone gets him a lifetime pass, and the other Classico this year, CL, and Supercup goals weren't bad either), and I wish he could tone the aggression down just a little. I do think the BBC rotation needs to be shelved until Bale is 100%, as his game is entirely based on speed and there are plenty of rotation options among Isco/James/Asensio/Vasquez depending on the opponent. The defense is my bigger concern, and until Pepe gets back, I think we are in a very sticky spot. With that said, this year's team has shown an ability to bounce back, and hopefully it's the trough today rather than the start of a slide like we saw not too long ago.


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