No value is a bit harsh, even for an Orangutan or a Bebo
by BabaGhanouj (2017-07-17 13:13:14)
Edited on 2017-07-17 13:38:20
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I agree…to an extent. When Prospects Nation is too lax to include Danielle Cosgrove, and Blue Star still shows Jenna as a ND recruit, and who knows what All Star Girls Report is doing?—they haven't even rated the class of 2018 on their web site, I question how much to trust these sites. But then I remember that they are supplying information to their clients first. Those are the ones who pay the bills and for whom they had better get their information right. The web site is a second thought for us freeloaders and to advertise their services. However, we'll get the benefits of all their research eventually.

As has been said many times on the board, there are politics in play (with whom has registered for whose events), visibility of the player, limited resources of the evaluators, and subjectivity of the process, but I'm surprised how accurate they are. Except for last year, the WNBA top draft picks and the recognized college All Americans are amazingly predicted by the rating services. You surely have a point from last years graduating class!

While I agree with your sentiments and frustration, I think last year was an exception, and "no value" may be a bit over the top. At a minimum they allow us endless speculation and discussion.

Oh, wait! You are talking about the team rankings? Yes, I agree, they are worthless. We have the player ratings, we can do the rankings ourselves, if that was important to someone. I misread. My bad.


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