Just Hope in The Silver Linings Playbook...
by dillon77 (2017-07-16 11:47:43)
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  In reply to: One man's coffee, is another's run.  posted by BabaGhanouj

..that Niele and Muffet have for the rest of '18.

I'll be very interested in what direction the coaching staff goes with the rest of '18 and, then, beyond into '19.

As you've pointed out and I wrote about in the prior thread, there are interesting options to take from what's-up-on-the-point and other guard options and posts/forwards, from Christyn Williams and "another guard in '18 or '19" to O N-O and Queen Egbo.

Given that MM bases her recruiting years on what she needs for the overall team make-up, I look at recruiting hauls more over the course of a few years, rather than one. After all, the collective haul at the end of the day is more important than adding up the ratings of the individual parts.

Plus, who is to say Mikayla Vaughn and/or Danielle Patterson don't blossom well into the Irish offense. And that Abby Prohaska isn't the "glue player" that helps strengthen the ties that bind?

And since we're probably not going to see Brianna in 17-18, think how strong the pairing of Jessica Shephard and Bri will be in 18-19, augmented by a year of experience for Mik and Danielle P. And whomever comes in the rest of '19 and joins Anaya in '19. Stay tuned.


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