A Few Saturday p.m. thoughts
by dillon77 (2017-07-15 17:17:53)
Edited on 2017-07-16 06:45:48
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  In reply to: So who is PG in 18-19. ?? *  posted by irishdds

Given the thoughts summarized by Baba -- that Anaya Peoples is going to grab this position by the shoulders in 19-20, my first thoughts:

A) Look for a 2018 PG that has the confidence to start as a frosh in 18-19 and then feel comfortable with the Peoples competition in 19-20 and beyond.

Two top 2018 PGs -- besides Brown -- are still uncommitted: Honesty Scott-Grayson and Jordan Nixon.
Both have connections to the Irish: Scott-Grayson spent a year at Paul VI with Mikayla Vaughn; and, Jordan Nixon played with Danielle Peterson in HS in Queens last year. Don't know how they'd feel about the Peoples spectre.
The other way to go here is find a PG who will accept the circumstances and "buy" into ND for everything....

Another option is the graduate transfer one year, but finding the right player and fit is pretty arbitrary. We'll see how well Lili Thompson does this year. Even if one was to find a PG in that manner, it will continue to put pressure on "the back-ups."

B) A number of talent evaluators think Christyn Williams and/or Katlyn Gilbert can play lead if need be. If Williams comes to ND, see if Christyn and/or Katlyn can share it for a year until Peoples arrives. Plan B/C on this front is a guard called Dara Mabrey.

C) Wait for Peoples. Have the ball-handling duties shared among Marina (half court) and Arike (in unsettled situations). For those my age, not everyone was hung up on the PG vs. off-guard category. And in the Princeton-led offense, the most important position may be the passing forward (Achonwa/Westbeld). Plus, Marina is probably going to be spelling Lili this season anyways and knows the offense inside-out.

D) Some combination of B and C -- Have Marina/one of the combo-guards of 18 share duties.

I'll bet a whole lot of the next July evaluation session will go into some finding a 2018 option, while discussing various options if the right player and fit is not found. Along those lines, it will be good to get said PG and Williams up here for a visit in early September/fall (as she has indicated she'd like to do in printed reports)....not as many players out and about.

Stay tuned.

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